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A Short History

In 1896, the first service was held in the Baptist Mission, built by Round Hill Baptist Church on the corner of Bancroft Avenue and Jefferson Street.  In March 1897, the trustees of Round Hill Baptist church conveyed the lot and building to the trustees of First Baptist Church of Colonial Beach.


As membership grew, plans were made to build on Washington Avenue and Dennison Street.  This building was dedicated in 1925.  Twelve additional rooms were added in 1929, and several more in 1938 with a total construction cost of $17,918.70.

Between 1956-1958, the church voted to purchase the Bay Shore property for $13,000.  The ground breaking service was held on the corner of Garfield and Boundary Street in January 1961.  Ralph Hall, a long time faithful member of the church was the general contractor.  Dedication of this building, at the cost of $207,000, took place in April 1962.


A campground ministry at Monroe Bay Campground began in 1979 – 1998.

A Living Portrayal of the Last Supper was presented by the men of the church, starting in 2001 and every other year through 2013.

Through the years there have been several graded choirs.  The Chancel Choir has presented an Easter and Christmas Contata for many years.

May of 2006 the 8:28 Contemporary Service was started, and the Crossfire Band was organized.

Deacon Ministry Teams were formed in 2003 to include the Nursing Home, Hospital and Bereavement teams.  Later added were:  Community Outreach, Crisis, Care Giving, Feed the Hungry, Missions, and Prayer Warriors teams.

Vacation Bible School is held every summer and has about 100 participants from the church membership and community.  The Community Fair was started in 2010 as a big give back to the community with free clothes and food.  The fire department rescue squad and police department also participate along with live music, games, and instructional sessions.

The Gospel Explosion began in 2013 at the Town Stage with a variety of musical performances throughout the day.

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